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Save Cat World using your HTC vive slingshot in this action shooter game.

“Help! Kittens in danger!”

It’s just another sunny day and you are enjoying a nice stroll along the road… when you suddenly get sucked into a portal! When you come to your senses, you find out that you are in Catworld, a peaceful land of cute and happy cats. Shortly after, Catworld gets invaded by evil block aliens from blocklandia and they start kidnapping little kittens! They are out to turn everything into blocks and will stop at nothing! You are the “chosen one”, the last hope for restoring peace on Catworld. Are you the hero of the prophecy?

  • Designed for a room-scale experience for the Virtual Reality using controllers and motion sensors.
  • A Puzzle-Shooting game with realistic controls:
    Defeat the core to save the kittens.
  • Use a laser slingshot to destroy various types of Block Aliens (Regular Block, Light-up Block, Magnetic Block, Reflective Block, etc. (Hitting boxes with kittens inside will cut your life points)


› Teleport

Use the trigger on your right controller to teleport freely around the world.

› Booster

You can charge your shots for double the power of regular shots.


Break the wooden blocks to get a random item

› Random Marble

Adds 1-3 ammo at random.

› Booster Marble

All marbles get a booster for 10 seconds.

› Infinity Marble

Infinite ammo for 10 seconds


Trajectory Plus

Maximum travel distance of marbles is increased.


› Normal Block

The default block.

› Wood Block

Takes two hits to destroy.

› Indestructible Block

Self-explanatory.(Moves in certain situations)

› Directional Bomb Block

Destroys three cubes in the direction of the arrow.

› 6 Way Explosive Block

Destroys one block in all directions in a straight line.

› Plus Minus Block

All blocks destroyed when middle block is hit.

› Reflection Block

Bounces balls off.

› Blocks containing kitten

Game over if hit.

Controller Layout


1) How can I play Angry Ball VR?

Angry Ball VR is compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or WMR. You’ll also need a PC that meets the minimum requirements. (Processor - Intel Core i5-4 / Memory - 8GB RAM / Graphics - GTX 970 4GB, RX 480 / Storage - 2GB)

2) What is Angry Ball VR?

Angry Ball VR is a Puzzle-Shooter with intuitive and realistic controls, high-quality graphics, and beautiful coloration- All of which we believe are essential to optimize an immersive virtual reality experience. A casual game suited for players of all ages. Will be released on Steam soon.
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